Omega Elevators USPs

Gearless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

Gearless PMSM technology is the latest technology in traction drives that is widely used in all elevators in developed countries like USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc...

Omega is the first company in India to adopt this latest technology to provide customers with best quality elevators matching with world’s best.

Omega manufactures every single component of elevator in its 1,20,000 sq. feet modern plant in Ahmedabad. Gearless PMSM machines are also manufactured & tested here thus assuring best quality & instant service to our customers.

  • 96% Efficient compare to gear system
  • Customised High End Interiors
Lifts with Gearless machines have multiple advantages over geared lifts
  • It saves 40% power straight away due to very low friction losses & high efficiency.
  • It is eco friendly, oil free operation.
  • Totally maintenance free & absolutely safe operation.

1. Overload

Overload sensor with audio visual indication
On overloading of the lift, car audio-visual indication is provided and doors are kept open till excess load is removed

2. Speech Processor

Voice annunciator with music
This system provides detailed information to passengers related to next floor, direction of movement, door opening/closing, scheduled operations and other information depending on the building needs. This system features natural electronic voice synthesizers.

3. LED Lights For Car

  • Starlight like ceiling which enhances the aesthetic appearance.
  • Uniform lighting ensured.
  • More reliable and long lasting as compared to conventional lighting systems.
  • Power saving to the order of 80% as compared to conventional lighting. So operating lighting costs reduce by 80%.

4. PU Buffers

Polyurethane polymore blocks are long lasting, weather resistant and most reliable in all operating conditions for providing maximum safety in case of buffering of elevator car.

5. Slot Less Bottom Track

  • Stainless steel lift car is now complimented by matching stainless steel bottom sills.
  • More ever bottom sills are grooveless, thus enhancing aesthetic appearance of the elevator.
  • No slots for dust to accumulate and obstruct the door. So trouble free operation is ensured.
  • Ensures smooth movement of trolleys & strictures.

6. Close Loop Operation

Microprocessor based V3F (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency), Vector controlled Drive with Encoder Feedback Closed loop system
This system provides highest degree of smoothness in elevator car movement with precise leveling. In addition, the efficiency of power conversion is very high resulting into an overall power saving of the order of 40% during normal operating conditions.
The speed vs. Travel diagram shows the jerk less movement of elevator car approaching diffrent floors with diffrent speeds during strating, decelerating and stopping.

7. Car Fan Automatic Sleep

Car fan automatically stops when there are no registered floor calls resulting into saving in power and enhancing its life.

8. Infrared Light Curtain

Full height infra red curtain with multiple criss-crossing light beams detect the smallest obstruction in door path and stop doors from closing.

9. Emergency Alarm & 'PUSH TO TALK'

In case of any emergency or power failure, help can be obtained by alarming or by communicating at lobby through this system which is battery operated and self charging as shown in picture.

10. Emergency Rescue Button Inside Car

  • A unique feature available for gearless elevators.
  • Unique facility for passenger to rescue themselves in event of power failure.
  • No panic, no chaos, simply press the button and you will reach floor level. Even the doors will automatically open once floor is reached.