Omega Escalators USPs

1. Beautiful out looking
1. Creative new design of flexible handrail inlet

Creative new design of flexible handrail inlet, mellow and elastic appearance, perfective connect with inner and outer decking, skirting plate, landing plate and great circle arc equal radius round end, outline looks aesthetic.

2. New design of inner and outer decking

New design big circular inner and outer decking, longer inner decking horizontal segment, making the escalators’ outline more smooth.

3. New design of comb landing plate

The new design of comb landing plate, looks more elegant and beautiful.

2. High Safety
1. Rich safety device
2. The creative new design of handrail inlet

Creative new design of handrail inlet, slide type floating lip with smooth running when touching, decreases the possibility of accident.

3. Ergonomically high rigidity balustrade

Balustrade is with big evenly height of 1000 mm in whole length, Absolutely according to human body engineering, greatly enhance the safety, At the same time, it meet the requirement of European standard, covers more marketing area, new design of fixing device for safety glass, effectively enhance the balustrade stabilization.

4. New newel with big even radius

New newel with big even radius, also with horizontal handrail guide have high safety.

5. Modular design of skirt

Modularized design of high skirting, effectively improve the protection height, adds security; 30°and 35°inclination comply with new coming EN code, at the time, safety brush and skirting illumination for options.

6. New design of landing plate

The new design of landing plate brake away from median plate, moving more flexible, effectively improve the comb motion state, when some foreign material in the comb and step, it’s easy to make the landing plate to move, touch the safety switch and stop the escalator, It has higher safety.

7. Side guide high accuracy step guide rail system

Side guide high accuracy step guide rail system, It realizes the steps’ high accuracy lateral positioning, guarantee the minimum gap between the skirt and step.

8. Green warning light

The green warning light is installed at entrance position to guide passenger to identify the landing and moving step to ensure safety.

9. Fault display

When some defect takes place, the Trouble Code will be displayed in the Defect Screen. It ensures the effective and accurate trouble position within the shortest time possible. In this way, it greatly enhances the repair and maintenance efficiency.

10. Auxiliary brake

Auxiliary brake will be installed at model KLF escalator which is more than 6 meters height, in case of emergency, to make sure the escalator speed down, and keep stop situation.

3. Economic and durable options
1. Design of ¢75mm for step roller and step chain roller

The “Lingshow” step roller and step chain roller is bigger than traditional one, big diameter design of ¢75 mm for step roller and step chain roller, effectively reduce the roller pressure and have long service life.

2. Big even diameter of handrail newel

Big even diameter of handrail newel equipped with chain roller group, effectively reliever the bending load and friction in the position, extended the service lifetime of the handrail.

3. High rigidity and enclosed bottom plate welding truss

The high rigidity and enclosed bottom plate welding truss effectively prevents from the outer drain of the waste oil and dirt. The open type none lateral obstacle design is beneficial to remove the dirt and waste material in the assembly and actual use of the escalator.

4. PLC control automatic oil lubricating system

PLC control automatic oil l lubricating system fulfills the ideal automatic lubricating to the transmission chain during the running of the escalator. It not only reduces the daily repair and maintenance workload, but also prolongs the service life of the driving mechanism.

4. Comprehensive optional functions
1. ECO energy saving

The intellectual control system drives the electric motor into ECO economic running condition through the star-delta conversion. It can save 30% of the energy. The fulfillment of ECO energy –saving function is accordance with the principle of the star-delta mode switch. When escalator in running , the control system can judge the flow via sensor. When there are light-load or no-load condition, the control system will intellectually convert the drive motor into ECO operational condition in order to achieve the economic running.

2. Intermittent operation

The sensor inside the handrail which is near the floor plate can detect the passenger that enter into the escalators, and then it will automatically start into the operation. After all the passenger leave, it will automatically stop the operation again in order to save the energy.

3. Skirting lighting

The streamline skirting lighting along the step running orbit not only preserves the nice and elegant beams, but also emphasizes the visible escalators during the running in the whole building. It can brings about the more cozy and secure riding for vast passengers.

4. Skirting brush

The skirting brush, which is installed on both sides of the skirt panel and above the step, can prevent the passengers’ shoes from touching the shirt panel. Meanwhile, it can safely and effectively avoid the foreign matters from being taken into the gap between the step and skirt.

5. Step and comb lighting

The lighting system are installed in the skirt panel beside the comb plate, It illuminates the area of steps and combs, and efficient passengers to go up and down the escalators.

6. Balustrade colors
7. Diversified handrail colors