It is a highly sophisticated supervisory system with the latest network technology to enhance the elevator operation management developed by OMEGA ELEVATORS to optimize elevator performance and minimize elevator down time.

Key Features
  • Sophisticated Technology: High speed Ethernet based communication medium and high end arm controller based processing power is used.
  • Smart elevators dial the call for you: smart elevators analyze and diagnose the cause and location if any problem happens and makes the service call for you.
  • Intelligent supervision based on secure connection: you can monitor the real time status of your elevator at your location using password protected secure connection.
  • User friendly screens: LMS (lift monitoring system) software is very user friendly. The simple mouse operation enables the user to get the required information very fast.
  • Integrated group monitoring: LMS (lift monitoring system) software can quickly scan multiple cars from many groups all on one screen.
How does it work
  • Elevator controller continuously communicates with LMS unit located in the control panel.
  • The LMS unit sends this information in the event triggered fashion to the dedicated OMEGA server.
  • LMS software maps these data into different tables of operational informations, special events and alarm. It can also be shown in graphical form for further review and analysis by OMEGA representatives.
  • Representatives at OMEGA alerts the field mechanic, if necessary.
  • The technician arrives at the site with the set of required tools, parts and infoirmations to work on the elevator.
Key benefits

Peace of mind: It continuously manages your elevators 24x7.

Preventive callbacks: Most important benefit is identifying the most potential problems before they occur. Such problems are often solved before they annoy you.

Performance and service history: The past operational and fault logs of your elevators can be accessed from any location in the world using web server technology.