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The elevator industry innovation enabled a solution to the housing crisis for the rising population with the vertical wonder, called elevators. Omega, in the true champion style, is taking the baton forward. We, at Omega Elevators are determined to play a leading role in the coming century to support the community growth and development .

Our complete range of Elevators/Escalators and Parking Solutions are manufactured with total solid system integration adhering to all the quality and safety standards. We are a vertically integrated company with state of the art infrastructure. Various equipment like Gearless Motors, Driving Sheaves, Cars, Overspeed Governors, Door Locks, Microprocessor Controllers, Guide Rails, and many other necessary components are manufactured using the most modern production methods under one roof in a fully equipped plant located in Ahmedabad, India. Omega Elevators embodies the ‘Make in India’ spirit with technical sophistication and excellence.

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since 1985since 1985


Since 1985

OMEGA Elevators is the name, one can safely associate with the most advanced and trusted elevator brands across the country. Differentiated innovative hi-tech technology, quality and customer satisfaction are the key elements that have helped us scale new heights of success.

Omega Elevators is a hallmark of reliability and outstanding service in the elevator industry, known for delivering superior service to customers in India and abroad. Our commitment to punctuality and excellence in providing top-notch products has earned us widespread satisfaction amongst our clients. The company’s origin traces back to the foresight of our founder, Mr. Kumarpal M. Desai, who anticipated the increasing need for vertical transportation solutions well ahead of his time. Inspired by his innovative foresight, Omega Elevators consistently leads in setting high standards in the elevator sector.


We have always believed in creating our own technical differentiation, unique selling points, data driven insights, and strong after-sales service which has helped us to grow exponentially in the vertical transportation industry for over four decades

Get more, with fewer resources

We have engineered our elevators with superior technology to make more spacious lifts despite having small lift shaft constraints

Slot Less bottom sills

Stainless steel slot less bottom sills for elevators. Elegant design and smooth elevator operation

Gearless Plus

Smooth Travel, Zero Maintenance, Speed up to 5 m/sec. Eco-friendly, oil-free operation.   

Protection against power fluctuations

The proprietary protection system is designed to protect the electronics within the control panel in case of power fluctuations

Emergency Rescue Button in Lift Car

The emergency rescue button is designed for self rescue operation under specific conditions for enhanced safety:When power to the elevator is disrupted.

  • The button is kept pressed continuously until the lift reaches the nearest floor. 
  • It operates if the elevator car and counterweight are in an unbalanced condition.
These measures ensure a swift response to potential safety concerns.
Eco - Friendly/ Green vertical design

Our PMS motor manufactured and developed in-house is oil free and sustainable eco friendly innovative technology design

PLC based control system with close loop

The control system comes with highly advanced features which ensures  complete safety with smooth travel and high level of floor levelling accuracy.

AI based 'self' elevator car parking on designated floor

An important feature for high end buildings with an AI based travel pattern recognition algorithm resulting in intelligent elevator positioning/parking  on different floors during different times of the day to reduce the waiting time.

LMS (Lift Monitoring System)

LMS also known as ‘Lift Monitoring System’   or ‘Smart Elevator’ ,  is a major accomplishment for Omega Elevators. This proprietary software developed by us makes the elevator a smart machine with several diagnostic and analytical capabilities

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