Modernization Solution

An elevator serves as a crucial vertical transport system that is designed and used for moving people or goods between a building’s various floors. Over time, significant components of these elevators may become obsolete or redundant due to the introduction of new technologies or the natural usage related  wear and tear. This often leads to increased costs for customers due to higher maintenance and repair needs.

The lifespan of an elevator typically ranges from 20 to 25 years, depending on its usage. As it ages,   the elevator performance may start deteriorating over time. This degradation can manifest in various ways, including frequent breakdowns, the need for constant maintenance, and diminished speed, all of which can cause significant inconvenience to the end  users.

Modernization presents an effective solution for updating key parts of an elevator while leveraging the existing infrastructure. By implementing specific improvements  with  current technological advancements and unique requirements it is possible to circumvent the need for a complete system overhaul. This approach not only enhances the elevator’s performance but also results in considerable long term  savings on maintenance costs.

  • Gearless Machine with Double brakes
  • Control Panel with VVVF Drive
  • Door operator with doors
  • Safety features
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Performace
  • Aesthetics
  • Visibly Better Without removal of existing Cabin
  • Emergency operation
  • Smart Elevators

To address our customers’ needs , we offer a comprehensive range of modernization solutions. Whether you’re looking to give your elevator a contemporary appearance, enhance its features, or undertake a full refurbishment, we provide the following three options.

  • Component Upgrade : Upgrading components is a straightforward and economical approach to enhance the efficiency, performance, ride quality, and safety of your elevator. We provide an extensive selection of upgrade options, including electrical renovations, conversions from geared to gearless mechanisms, and improvements to the door operator system along with the main drive and doors.
  • Aesthetic Upgrade: Experience the transformation of your old elevator into a modern marvel with Omega Elevators’ cutting-edge modernization package. Choose from our diverse range of design options, combining style and durability for a sleek new look. We understand the importance of aesthetics in elevator design and offer upgrades that not only enhance the visual appeal but also increase the value of your property. Our modernization packages include vibrant cabins with LCD displays, ensuring every journey is a delightful experience.
  • Complete Elevator Replacement: With this option you can enhance and upgrade your existing elevators with Omega’s advanced technology. For this upgrade in most cases there is no need to replace the guide rails, heavy machinery such as the counterweights, or car safety mechanisms.

Our refurbishing, modernization and technological upgrade service aims to prolong the elevator’s lifespan while enhancing its appearance and functionality with modern design  features.The value to the client with elevator modernization would be 

Aesthetic Appeal

Our modernization solutions offer an overall better aesthetic appearance for all the components, giving it a clean look and feel. We focus on design aesthetics to enhance the visual appeal of the elevator and complement various architectural styles. The appearance of elevator cabin can significantly impact a building’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Energy Efficiency

Our modernization solutions integrate energy-efficient technologies to reduce power consumption and operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Omega Offers an energy efficient gearless machine that consumes less energy compared to geared machines . Up to 40% energy saving compared to conventional geared machine

Modern Safety Features

Another reason to opt for modernization of an elevator is to bring the outdated elevator system’s safety into compliance with latest safety regulations. Our modernization solutions include the latest technologies that improve door functioning, car levelling, offer upgraded lighting, emergency rescue devices and several other features that ensure that the elevator’s safety is at par or even exceeds  the  modern standards. 

Easy Accessibility

Our modernization solutions prioritize accessibility features to cater to individuals with diverse mobility needs. We offer a variety of accessibility options, such as wider doors, lower buttons, and audible signals, to make it easier for everyone to use the elevator.

Enhanced Performance

Our modernization solutions deliver high performance capabilities to optimize speed, reliability and overall functionality. Modernized elevators are less likely to malfunction than older models, resulting in fewer temporary breakdowns and random faults that may interrupt daily operations. 

Higher  property value

Elevator modernization can significantly increase the overall value of a property. A modern elevator is a sign of quality and can make a building more attractive to potential buyers or renters. In addition, a modern elevator can improve the functionality of a building, making it more convenient for residents and visitors.

We offer the following technical features for the upgrade to your elevator.

1. Control panel with VVVF Drive:
Our elevators and control panels are equipped with advanced Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive technology. This integration ensures optimal performance and user comfort through finely tuned control.

2. Gearless Machine with double Brakes:
Omega Elevators introduces an eco-friendly, oil-free solution featuring a Permanent Magnet Gearless machine with a dual braking system. This design ensures unparalleled safety and reliability, all while supporting a greener, more sustainable operation.

3. Door operator with doors:
Doors technology is a very important feature in elevator design . It is often overlooked by many customers. We offer elevators with efficient door operator technology and durable doors with infrared sensors for secure entry and exit.

4. Visibly Better without removal of existing cabin:
Omega Elevators offers aesthetic upgrade solutions which do not require total cabin reconstruction. This feature boosts elevator performance and visual appeal. This change allows the customer to transform the existing elevator into a more sophisticated looking and efficient machine.

5. Smart Elevators
Omega Elevators team likes to stay ahead for modern elevator management practices.
Our latest technology offering is our AI based ‘Smart Elevator’.
This latest technology with our proprietary algorithm makes the elevator an intelligent machine with self diagnostic capability. Overall it combines several hardware and software technology elements to enhance automation, connectivity, and convenience in elevator operations. Our AI-driven ‘Smart Elevator System’ proactively detects faults, ensuring seamless functionality and preemptive maintenance.

6. Emergency Operation
Omega Elevators sets the standard in passenger safety with its robust emergency operation protocols. Our elevators are engineered for critical situations, ensuring optimal protection and peace of mind. Key features include advanced safety mechanisms and emergency response technologies designed to secure and comfort passengers during unforeseen events. Trust in Omega Elevators for unparalleled safety and reliability, where innovation meets the paramount importance of passenger well-being.

7. Fire Elevator Design
Omega Elevators is proud to introduce a revolutionary advancement in elevator safety, our exclusive ‘Fire Elevator Doors’. Uniquely designed to safeguard passengers against smoke inhalation during fire emergencies, this elevator is engineered with our proprietary technology. The elevator door design has a specially built sealing mechanism with fireproof material. This innovation effectively seals the elevator openings , preventing the infiltration of smoke in case of fire evacuation, ensuring that passengers are not exposed to suffocating conditions amidst a fire outbreak. Trust Omega Elevators to elevate safety standards, offering peace of mind with a commitment to innovation, protection, and the well-being of every passenger.

Whether accommodating new tenants, responding to a building sale, or elevating your space to meet evolving design standards, our services ensure your elevator reflects the sophistication and functionality as per your requirements. Elevator upgrade is an investment that ultimately yields increased energy savings, enhanced capacity, improved safety, and comfort, along with a refreshed and modern aesthetic. Choose Omega Elevators for a sophisticated upgrade that redefines your elevator’s look and feel.


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