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When you see Omega’s Elevators in motion, you witness the performance of a machine that takes you to heights of engineering excellence. Come, share a world of imagination in unmatched speed with total safety”. – Kumarpal M. Desai, MTech IIT

OMEGA Elevators is recognized as one of the most advanced and trusted elevators brands nationwide known for reliability, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality.

The foundation of our success lies in our differentiated hi-tech technology, unwavering commitment to quality, and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction. Our team takes pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers in India and abroad. 

Our success story traces back to the visionary dream of Mr. Kumarpal M. Desai, the founder  of Omega, who foresaw the need for vertical transportation ahead of his time. Just after we started our journey, elevators became mandatory for all buildings with G+3 ( ground plus 3 floors). Throughout our journey we have always adhered to a customer-centric policy. The founding family members and the original 56 employees fondly recall one of the early elevator models,  the ‘Alpha Model’. It was a budget friendly design, a plain vanilla model for the community that could be mass produced. This helped the urbanization and commercial development in the 80’s.

OMEGA is now  one of the top 5 elevators manufacturers in India. We have our installed base and company centers  all across India, from the east to the west and north to the south. We have customers across several sectors such as high rise buildings, automobile, commercial, residential buildings, notable celebrity homes, integrated multi-unit townships, pharmaceuticals, heavy equipment manufacturing, bungalows, hospitals, healthcare, manufacturing, and government buildings including  the Gujarat Vidhansabha,  the Rashtrapati Bhavan at New Delhi, the nation’s capital. Proudly embodying the ‘Make in India’ spirit, we operate as a vertically integrated production facility and continuously strive to advance with cutting-edge technology. 

Our commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation is evident in our Smart Elevator technology, AI integration, touchless interfaces, and the incorporation of the latest elevator technology trends. OMEGA’s technological foresight and dedication to excellence has solidified our position as a leading force in the elevator industry. 


  • We envision becoming the most prominent and leading manufacturer of Vertical Transportation Solutions with the commitment to provide user-friendly, comfortable, cost-effective products to our clients/customers with world-class service experience.
  • We strive to offer our customers the best and most innovative products and services, wide range of design selections and the utmost comfort during their lift car ride. We are consistently the most customer-centric company globally, where customers can find and discover anything they want to buy regarding their vertical transportation requirements.
since 1985


  • Our mission  is to provide customers with safe, smooth elevator experiences that prioritize quality and accessibility. As an Indian multinational corporation, Omega is dedicated to delivering excellent services to customers and clients, ensuring satisfaction with Omega Elevator  products. 
  • We aim to lead in innovation, technology, speed, and safety, creating elevators that combine the best technology with customized user friendly design. Omega Elevators innovates to be trendsetter and market leader in the industry by offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the overall elevator experience for users.


Founded in 1985, and now, with a rich experience of almost 4 decades Omega Elevators, a CE certified Indian MNC, with expertise in elevators and escalators is a leader in the vertical transportation industry. Proven as one of the most reliable, safe, and trusted partners for our clients across the globe, we operate through a network of  several branches with  locations  in all the major states and cities of India. Internationally, we have presence in several countries like UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland.

Omega Elevators had global certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, QRO (Quality Research Organization) ISO 14001:2015, BS EN 81-20:2020 and BS EN 81-50:2020. We have successfully installed more than 45,000 elevators worldwide and are satisfactorily elevating more than 10 million people a day.

Omega Elevators is not just a company but a family, with a workforce of over  2000 employees and a production capacity of over 300 elevators per month. We have our headquarters, corporate office and production plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology for smooth, safe, and speedy elevator manufacturing. Omega Elevators displays the real “Engineered Art” backed by advanced and unparalleled technical expertise. It’s a combination of the best technology and modern design of elevator, with attractive interiors that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your building and premises.


Creative features
from production industry

CNC Turning and Milling Machines

Fully CNC machines used for turning and milling.

V Groover

V groover machine used to attain perfectly 90 degree cabin and door bends.

Waterjet Machine

Used for glass and stone cutting for high precision cabin floor inlay work.

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We have assembled a world class team to work with our current and future customers.

  • Omega Elevators is an ISO-certified company with over four decades of experience in the vertical transportation industry. Omega has a factory setup of 160,000 sq. ft with an in-house manufacturing process for more than 90% of its parts. 

    A manufacturing and vertical transportation solution pioneer since 1985, Omega Elevators has rich experience of 4 decades. We have successfully installed over 55,000 elevators worldwide in several industries and are transporting approximately 10 million people daily. 

  • We manufacture our own OEM parts and components to meet international standards for high sustainability and performance. Often if any other company maintains elevators , they may not have access to some unique components and proprietary technology and software and may not be able to install them correctly.
  • With an in-house manufacturing process and a workforce of over 2000 employees, Omega streamlines operations to meet deadlines for elevator manufacturing, supply, installation, routine  service and maintenance, required modification and ongoing R&D (Research and Development )

  • Omega Elevators offers several features that combine safety, aesthetics, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. These unique selling points not only differentiate our elevators in the market but also address crucial aspects of modern elevator design, operation, and customer needs.

Listed below are some USPs:

  1. Mechanism for Protection against Power Fluctuations

This feature  includes a mechanism that protects the sensitive elevator electronics components from damage caused by sudden power surges or drops, ensuring the safety of passengers and preventing downtime due to electrical issues.

  1. Slot-less Bottom Sill

  Slot-less bottom sills not only give the elevators a sleek and modern appearance but also serve a practical purpose by hindering dust accumulation, reducing maintenance needs, and enhancing hygiene within the elevator.

  1. Emergency Rescue Button in the Lift Car

  This button provides a quick and efficient way to alert building management or emergency services in case of a malfunction or entrapment, emphasizing passenger safety and peace of mind.

  1. Eco-friendly/Green Vertical Design

By incorporating green design principles, Omega Elevators offers energy-efficient solutions that reduce the environmental impact of elevator operations, aligning with sustainability goals and saving on operating, maintenance and power costs.

  1. PLC-based Control System with a Closed Loop

Utilizing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the control system implies precise and reliable operation of the elevator. A closed-loop system likely enhances performance and feedback control, contributing to smoother rides and improved overall efficiency.

  1. Power-saving Features

 Energy-saving features help to reduce operational costs, lower environmental footprint, and potentially qualify for green building certifications. They also demonstrate Omega Elevator’s commitment to sustainability and a proactive approach towards energy conservation.

  1. Customized Cabin Heights

Offering customized cabin heights, we can cater to specific architectural requirements or provide a personalized touch for clients, ensuring that elevators are well integrated into various building structures.

  • Customization in elevators is crucial to optimize lift cars and interiors based on varied lift shaft designs in buildings. Omega Elevators leads this customization trend with the innovative ‘FIRST ELEVATORS SHOWROOM’ in Ahmedabad. This unique gallery assists in refining elevator concepts, offering clients the ability to select cabin interiors, mirrors, laminates and finishes  for  their specific design requirements.Omega Elevators pioneering showroom concept enables precise customization, ensuring elevators align properly with project specifications for both functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

  • Omega utilizes tested and inspected components in production, with service and maintenance conducted by highly skilled professionals.  We send our directly employed trained service technicians to address issues or complaints. This approach enhances the elevator’s lifespan, ride quality, and reduces maintenance issues. Often, with rapidly changing technology any other company maintaining your elevator may not have access to proprietary information or parts. This can potentially compromise passenger safety if not done correctly with the proper safety procedures, protocols and standard components. 

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