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Capsule Elevators

Omega Elevators is a market leader in capsule lifts. Recognized for technical sophistication and expertise in blending technology and style, Omega’s capsule elevator designs combine technology and attractive visual design . Our capsule lifts add a touch of sophistication to any structure. Capsule elevators,  can be called the ornaments of a building,  as they enhance the beauty of the building exterior or facade. 

  • OMEGA’s capsule elevators act as an external architectural enchantment adding to the beauty of prestigious buildings.
  • Several elegant designs, features and infinite options add to its optimum travel comfort.
  • Stunning attractive interiors with a large glass viewing panel.
  • OMEGA capsule lifts are inspired with creative flair to meet  your particular specifications, vision , design or an artistic idea.

Advanced Design

Specialized Buffers
Polyurethane polymer blocks used in our design are long lasting, weather resistant and extremely reliable in all operating conditions for providing maximum safety, in case of buffering of elevator car.

PLC Based Lift Control
This system ensures that the elevator car moves with a very high level of ‘smoothness’ and offers precise levelling, enhancing the overall travel quality and smooth passenger experience. 

PLC Based Lift Door Operation
This system reduces the door opening and closing time compared to conventional door operation systems, consequently improving the passenger handling capacity and reducing the waiting time at landing.

Protection against Power Fluctuations
The protection system is designed to protect the electronics within the control panel. The system is designed to operate in a range of voltage and frequency and it allows the elevator to reach the nearest floor and then switch off the supply for protecting the components from voltage variations.

Safety Related Features 

Door Force Detector
When excessive door load has been detected while opening or closing, the doors immediately reverse.

Door Nudging Feature
A buzzer will sound and the doors slowly close when they have remained open for longer than the preset period. This safety feature is provided on request.

Electronic Doorman
Door open time is minimized using safety ray(s) or multi-beam door sensors that detect passengers boarding or leaving the elevator 

‘FireMan’ Switch
In case of fire, activation of a key switch or a building's fire alarm, all calls are cancelled, all lift cars immediately return to a specified evacuation floor and the doors open to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers.The car then responds only to car calls which facilitate fire-fighting and rescue operations.

Slotless Bottom Sills
Stainless steel lift car is now complemented by matching stainless steel ‘Bottom Sills’. Moreover, bottom sills are groove less, thus enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the elevator. No slots for dust to accumulate and obstruct the door. Hence, trouble/error  free operation.  Ensures smooth movement of trolleys and structures in critical settings. 

High Accuracy Landing Feature
The car landing level is adjusted to a high level of precision in order to ensure a landing accuracy of ± 5 mm under any load conditions.

Elevator Monitoring and Control System (Smart Elevator)
Each elevator's status and operation can be monitored and controlled using advanced Web-based technology which provides an interface through personal computers. Special optional features such as preparation of traffic statistics and analysis are also available. This consists of IoT and use of AI to deliver trouble free operation with least waiting time and highest efficiency.

Multi-Beam Door Sensor
Multiple infrared-light beams cover a door height of approximately 1800 mm to detect passengers or objects as the doors close.

CCTV facility to Integrate with BMS
Provision for connection of CCTV camera within the lift car.

Overheat Protection for Motors
Protects the motor winding and the permanent magnets from overheating and safeguard from any other damage.

Phase Failure & Phase Reversal Protection 
Protection for the equipment from potential electric issues such as phase failure and phase reversals.

Aesthetics Features
- Elegant LED Light Ceilings with various options : This option enhances  ambiance and style with customizable lighting choices.

- Stainless Steel Round Handrail: Provides a sleek and durable support structure for passengers.

- Full-Height Mirror in Car: Offers convenience and safety by allowing passengers to monitor themselves while entering and while they are inside the elevator.

- Alphanumeric LCD Display in Landing Operating Panel: Provides clear and informative instructions for users waiting at different floors.

- Alphanumeric LCD Display in Car Operating Panel: Enables passengers to easily view and interact with the elevator's controls and information.

- Uniform Illumination in Cabin: Ensures consistent and comfortable lighting in the entire elevator cabin for a pleasant travel experience.

Cabin Features 

Attendant Service
Attendant service is available where the lift responds to landing calls in the direction of the attendant available inside the lift cabin.

Automatic Call Bypass
A fully loaded car bypasses all calls to maintain maximum operational efficiency.

Car Arrival Chime
Electronic chimes sound to indicate that a car will soon arrive

 (The chimes are mounted either on the top and bottom of the car, or in each hall based on customer input ).

Energy Saving

Automatic Car Fan Shut Off
If there are no calls for a specific period, the car ventilation fan will automatically turn off to conserve energy.

Energy Saving Operation by Dimming of LCD displays in idle condition.
To save energy, some elevators are automatically put into sleep mode if there are no calls for a specific period. The LCD displays are dimmed indicating sleep mode.

Very Low Cabin Electricity Consumption for Lighting
By keeping the lights switched on 24/7 in the lift car using LED technology, we achieve minimal electricity consumption, thereby enhancing operational efficiency due to the energy-saving properties of LEDs.

Operational Features 

False Call Cancellation
If a wrong car button is pressed, it can be cancelled by double clicking the same button.

LCD Position Indicator
This LCD in the car displays positions, travel direction, and elevator status related messages. 

Creepless Operation
This operation allows for direct landing on the floor without creeping, resulting in time-saving and enhanced operational efficiency.

Overload Feature 

Omega Elevators are designed with an essential safety feature that detects overload conditions. Should the cabin exceed its weight capacity, the doors will stay open while an alert sound notifies passengers. The elevator will not operate until the load is reduced to a safe level, ensuring passengers' safety and elevator functionality.



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